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Pilot a glider
Jet skiing
Board the Buena Vista St tram at Disneyland Anaheim
Watch a 49ers home game at Levi Stadium
Write a letter with a quill and ink
Sleep in an alpine lodge
Work as a beach lifeguard for the summer
Watch an aerobatic display
Swim camp
Run 5 times a week
Watch a street puppet show
Get a private transfer from an airport
Paint a self portrait
See a Pagan festival
Be a fighter pilot
Experience Christmas Day at the beach
Perform a cartwheel
Make amazing crepes
Cage diving with sharks
Go a whole week without spending any money
Go kart racing
Jog every day for 30 days
Go a whole day without using technology
Quit caffeine for a month
Give money to a street musician
Get married in Las Vegas
See a Cirque de Soleil show
Complete an IQ test
Go to a rave
Research the origins of my surname

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