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Get to check-mate at chess
Ride a trials bike
Go to Bristol balloon festival
Witness an amazing cloud formation
Sit on a tree swing
Go inside a bomb shelter
Go an entire day without using technology
Give up caffeine for a month
Get a postcard from every place I travel
Find my way through a maze
Find a career I love
Witness the birth of an animal
Eat french fries in France
Drive a car on a racetrack
Drink a cocktail from a coconut
Dress up as a princess for a day
Dress as a comic book character
Draw a Zentangle
Celebrate New Year's Eve abroad
Outdoor exercise class
Do a One-Arm Pushup
Do a juice cleanse
Design a superhero costume
Create My Own Fragrance
Create a time-lapse video
Crash a wedding
Capture lightning on camera
Ride a California cable car
Complete a crossword puzzle without cheating
Climb Sydney Harbor bridge

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