Location-specific stuff to do

Ride a cable car over Phu Quoc Vietnam
Hike up the Grand Canyon
Stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan
Seoul International Fireworks Festival
Pat an elephant
Climb Mt Kilimanjaro
Go inside a cooling tower
Ride in a punt boat
Watch rodeo bulldogging
Cruisel under Tower Bridge
See a humpback whale jump
Volunteer at an animal rescue centre
Drink a Piña Colada in Puerto Rico
Fly over an active volcano
Have a drink at a swim up pool bar
Eat at a drive in diner
Hike up a sand dune
Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
Eat a burrito in Mexico
Spend New Year's Eve in Edinburgh
Make a call from a public phone box
Order champagne room service
Stay in a Tuscan farmhouse
Stay in a static caravan
Go to a wedding on a beach
Hike through a rainforest
Climb the stairs to the Batu Caves
Go wild camping
Sleep in a four poster bed
Drink Irish whiskey in Ireland