Learn to make a smoothie
Be an altar server
Try a Pescatarian Diet
Learn Zumba
Adult Dance Classes
Be a Vegan
Grow or catch your own meal
Try vegan food
Achieve my ideal waist size
Eat a Ketogenic Diet
Change your route to work
Explore a new trail
Cut 2 inches off my waist
Have an Oxygen Facial
Go on a first date
Give a bouquet of flowers to someone
Learn Yoga
Prepare wedding vows
Give money to a homeless person
Meditate for 10 minutes every day for a month
Have a winter wedding
Squat 200 lbs
Do an outdoor exercise class
Do 50 consecutive push-ups
Do a couch to 5K
Receive a bouquet of flowers
Meet someone on a blind date
Leave a post it note for someone to tell them I love them
Take a meditation class
Think positive thoughts each day