Learn or try stuff

Do a Pilates Class
Try a self defence class
Learn how to support young people with Mental Illness
Try a Caribbean Cruise
Grow something from a seedling
Order a vegetable box
Learn to make Chocolate
Stay in a deck house
Try a Martini
Make a ginger-bread house
Learn to play Frisbee Golf
Braid someone's hair
Complete a “Paint by Numbers” painting
Learn to Belly Dance
Decorate a Xmas Tree
Learn to Act
Eat a Durian
Attend Greyhound racing
Start a band
Learn how to eat spicy food
Volunteer at a hospital
See a live band play
Learn to say thank you
Learn to make a poached egg
Learn to keep your berries fresh p
Ride a ferris wheel
Thread your Eyebrows
Try Filipino Food
Groom a dog
Try a Bad Brownie